Dear friends,

Let me start by expressing the hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

The corona virus has brought all of us into a new reality that is unknown to everyone. A new time in which our lives are severely curtailed to contain further spread and to protect the most vulnerable people of our society.

In the Netherlands, therefore, stricter measures have been taken by our government today that also affect the spiritual retreat that we organized from 8 to 10 May 2020. In the Netherlands, no group meetings are permitted until 1 June 2020, which means that the retreat cannot take place. We are very sad that this beautiful event that we have been working hard on and looking forward to cannot continue. However, these measures are also very understandable given the situation in which the Netherlands and the rest of the world find themselves. It is our ambition to put the retreat back on the agenda as soon as this is possible, but when this will be is not clear yet clear.

As for the finances, the following. Although costs have already been incurred by the speakers for their tickets and deposits for the accommodation, it is our ambition to give you your money back. We expect to have more clarity on this next week.

Of course we already informed Fr. John and Terry M. and during our conversation the idea came up to organize a video meeting with them on one of the retreat days. We will be sharing more information about that soon.

Stay safe and healthy,

Love from CA Bergen