What is Dopers Duin?

Dopers Duin is a group accommodation and meeting location with a special background. Dopers Duin is originally a Baptist fraternity house. It is 1932 built as a holiday home where Baptists can come together to reflect and relax. For more than eighty years our house is open to everyone. You don’t have to be Baptist, on the contrary. It doesn’t matter if (or in which) you believe or not, or where you come from. Everyone is welcome.

In addition to these holiday weeks, Dopers Duin is open as group accommodation and meeting venue. Schools, companies, retreats, seminars, family weekends, courses, you can’t think of it as crazy or they feel at home in Dopers Duin.

From our Baptist background we do a number of things consciously (different) in Dopers Duin. For example, there is a church on the premises that can be used for celebrations, there is a mile path with inspiring texts where you can (literally) stand still. Although the whole terrain is in a village, it is arranged so that it forms a world in itself. A small sheltered spot in the middle of the world and yet away from that world.

The (simple!) Hot meal used by all the groups together. The food is therefore not served on individual plates, but the table is covered as home, with scales that you pass on to each other. The togetherness, which is important. It is also a good habit in Dopers Duin that the different groups introduce themselves briefly before the start of the hot meal. There are sometimes the most beautiful conversations, unexpected encounters. Inspiration too.

We share the house with our guests, we set it open.  Our furniture is simple and can withstand a butting. The people there in not always. We assume respect for each other’s opinions and opportunities. The house has a casual atmosphere, also in the way staff and guests deal with each other.

We share not only our house, but also the responsibility for it. We do not have a fixed bar staff, but lay down that responsibility with the groups themselves, via a bar list. The groups are also responsible for the room layout and the handing and taking of the keys. As if it were your own home. We also ask our groups to help with skimming, wiping and washing off. Working together in such a simple task brings people to conversation and sharing the work also involves people in the house and each other.

Our bedrooms are simple, we have no (luxury) hotel rooms. There is no T.V. or a lazy chair. In Our cosy conservatory you can spend the evening in a pleasant way. We also have a small library (in the Simons room) for our guests.

For more information: https://www.dopersduin.nl

This text is taken 1 on 1 from Dopers Duin.