Here we give all information about the cost of the weekend retreat and how we have processed these in the prices and the price information itself of course.


The price depends on the room type, in the next section the different room types are explained. The prices are per person:

Budget:  250 Eur
Basic:    275 Euro
Basic +: 300 euro

Cancellation fees: > 6 mth: 0%, 6-3 mth: 10%, 3-2 mth: 15%, 2-1 mth: 35%, 1 mth-14 dys: 60%, 14 dys- 7 dys: 85%, < 7 dys: 100%

Rooms, meeting rooms and food and beverages

The majority of the costs for this retreat are for the rooms, the meeting rooms and the food and the beverages. For this we pay an all-inclusive rate per room at the location Dopers Duin.
There are 3 different types of rooms: Budget, Basic and Basic +.

Budget: Simple rooms with two bunk beds and a washbasin (max. 4 pers.), shower and toilet in the toilet building. Bring your own pillow and sleepingbag.
Basic: Double bedroom with simple private bathroom.
Basic +: More spacious double bedroom with simple bathroom and a desk/seating area.

Our visitors from the USA

The retreat is facilitated by Terry M. and Fr. John from Phoenix Arizona (USA). The costs for their return flight to the Netherlands and their stay during the retreat will be paid by us. We are really super happy and grateful they are willing to spend there time and energy to share their experience, strength and hope with us here in the Netherlands.

Other costs

To organize the retreat other costs are also incurred. You should think of costs for advertising, printing work and administration.

Profit or loss

We don’t know how much the total cost and revenue is going to be. We are organizing the retreat for the first time and aim for a minimum of 40 participants, our budget is based on that number of participants. In case there are more participants than expected more money is available, this amount will be donated to the organization of the CA World Convention in 2023. In the unlikely event that we have too few participants and thereby loss, we will discuss that during the retreat with the participants and see how we can carry that loss with all of them.